Why we work towards self reliance

‘Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.’

This quote shows what self reliance is all about. Giving people tools and knowledge with which they can provide for their own family. Within our projects this can be applied to individuals, but also on communities that are benefiting from our projects.

It is a wonderful privilege we can enable poor people with our finances. We might not have unending financial resources though, therefore it is important to enable people to take care of their family and community.  Providing first aid in food and clothing may be a necessary step, but it is important to continue forwards and take steps towards self reliance.

One could think of a good yearly income, freedom from debt, reasonable housing, healthcare.  Starting from a seemingly hopeless situation we want to continue to make a long term difference in people’s life. In this way we want to put Christ’s love in action.

As a Christian foundation we are very thankful  that with the help of donors we were able to give people hope for a brighter future. At the same time there are so many people in need. Can we count on your support?