Meet Foundations for Farming

Foundations for Farming

We would like to introduce you to foundation Foundations for Farming (FFF). We are currently giving shape to cooperation in Cameroon. FFF has developed an agricultural method for (small-scale) farmers. This method is sustainable, requires minimal investment and can provide farmers with a living. In addition, the Gospel is integrated in their teaching, using Biblical principles for agriculture. Below are the basic principles that the foundation uses during agriculture.

1 ) On time

The preparations are started on time so that the farmers are ready when the rain comes and they can sow. In this way we are responsible for the time that God gives us. Plan well, prepare well and start work on time, so that plants can take full advantage of the seasons.

2) At standard

They encourage farmers to work at a high quality level and have standard guidelines, so that it is clear to people what they can do. For example, corn is sown in plant holes that are 60 cm apart and there is 75 cm between the rows. Thus they bring order and structure to the fields.

3) Without waste

Everything God gives in nature is carefully used with the amenities that God gives. Thus the soil is covered with the residual materials of the plants; in this way dehydration is prevented and the soil is enriched. Compost is also placed in the plant holes so that the soil is extra enriched and the soil life is stimulated. No time, soil, water, sunlight, seeds, nutrients and energy are wasted. No material or land is burned.


4) With joy

They work with pleasure because they work in God’s beautiful creation. They also know that God cares for them and sees them. They are aware of the love of God that becomes most visible in what Jesus did for us. Whoever does this without self-pity, blaming others, jealousy or complaint, but works with a grateful heart for God, He wants to reward by taking away fear and insecurity and turning it into hope and joy.

These are wonderful principles to which we as a foundation can say ‘amen’. Foundations for Farming has a lot of knowledge and experience with this way of farming. And this farming method works! Many farmers have been pulled out of poverty. We are happy and grateful that we may use their knowledge to apply in our Tree of Life project. For more information about foundation Foundations for Farming, please refer to their website.